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Free Ukulele tablature (chords, tabs, score) - 1001 tabs

Easy way for using a guitar pro tablature as a ukulele tablature

1001 Tabs propose a way for converting any 'guitar pro' file tablature (file gtp, gp4, gp5, gp6) into a guitar pro Ukulele tab . So, the tablature library is infinite: refer to 1001 tabs ou equivalent. Then, you will be able to play any song with your Ukulele.
Obviously, the first step is to have (or download) the software Guitar Pro, of which a free download is available on their website.

1- Open the song (guitar pro file) with the 'Guitar Pro' software.

2- Select the track that you want to play, and so you wish to convert.

3- The window 'Track Properties' is opened. Now, you have to follow the instructions below:
3.1 - Select '4 strings'
3.2 - Select the tuning 'Ukukeke C Tuning' (strings tuned in GCEA) or 'Ukulele G Tuning' (strings tuned in DGBE), according to the initial tuning of your Ukulele. If you do not know this initial tuning, please look at the second string the more grave. If it is a Do, the tuning is C. If it is a Sol, the tuning is G.
3.3 - Select the number of frets (24 by default) of your Ukulele. In order to do this, you only have to count the number of perpendicular strings on the handle of your Ukulele.
3.4 - Validate

It is done. Your Ukulele tablature is ready. When you read the tablature with 'Guitar Pro', if the sound is too grave, you can make it more keen, by going in the window 'track properties'. The operation is simple: select the small arrow on the side of the tuning notes. The figure on the side of the note represents the octave (for exemple, A4, E4, C4, G4).
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