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Hard - Heavy Guitar tabs: all the tab in guitar pro files (gtp, gp5) - 1001 tabs

The best Hard - Heavy guitar pro tab, to be opened with the software Guitar Pro. If you have others Hard - Heavy tabs, do not hesitate to contact the 1001 tabs team.

Style : Hard - Heavy
Tablature 12 stones
Tablature 311
Tablature 36 crazyfists
Tablature 3rd strike
Tablature 69 eyes
Tablature A perfect circle
Tablature Abashed
Tablature Abstained the
Tablature Accept
Tablature Ac-dc
Tablature Ace frehley
Tablature Acid drinkers
Tablature Acidstain
Tablature Acoustic vakhanaly
Tablature Adagio
Tablature Adamson sven
Tablature Adema
Tablature Admatha
Tablature Adonst
Tablature Aerosmith
Tablature Afsakat hashmal
Tablature After forever
Tablature Agnostic front
Tablature Ajattara
Tablature Akela
Tablature Akumulator józek
Tablature Alastis
Tablature Albert rosenfield
Tablature Alexoid
Tablature Alfie carina
Tablature Alice cooper
Tablature Alien ant farm
Tablature Alisa
Tablature Allan holdsworth
Tablature Alopex
Tablature Amen
Tablature American head charge
Tablature Amon amarth
Tablature Amorphis
Tablature Anal blast
Tablature Anathema
Tablature Ancient warrior
Tablature Andrew w.k
Tablature Andersson ulf w
Tablature Angel dust
Tablature Angel of death
Tablature Angel witch
Tablature Angeldust
Tablature Angeles del infierno
Tablature Angelo michael
Tablature Anger tears
Tablature Angra
Tablature Annihilator
Tablature Anonymus
Tablature Anthrax
Tablature Antipig
Tablature Antisilence
Tablature Apes guano
Tablature Apocalyptica
Tablature Apocrypha
Tablature Aqme
Tablature Arakain
Tablature Arcane sanctuary
Tablature Arch enemy
Tablature Aria
Tablature Arji
Tablature Ark
Tablature Arkangel
Tablature Armored saint
Tablature Armed raid
Tablature Artificial kings
Tablature At the drive
Tablature At the gates
Tablature At vance
Tablature Athena
Tablature Athgowla
Tablature Atreyu
Tablature Audioslave
Tablature Avalanch
Tablature Avantasia
Tablature Avenged sevenfold
Tablature Avex band
Tablature Axerthus
Tablature Ayreon
Tablature Aziz jehangir
Tablature B complex
Tablature Babar
Tablature Bad logic
Tablature Bad religion
Tablature Bal-sagoth
Tablature Barathrum
Tablature Barenaked ladies
Tablature Bathory
Tablature Batten jennifer
Tablature Bdee
Tablature Beastie boys
Tablature Beatallica
Tablature Beatsteaks
Tablature Becker jason
Tablature Behemoth
Tablature Berzerker
Tablature Big wreck
Tablature Biohazard
Tablature Black bomb a
Tablature Black crowes
Tablature Black flower
Tablature Black lab
Tablature Black sabbath
Tablature Black sahara
Tablature Black sun rise
Tablature Blackfoot
Tablature Blackmore ritchie
Tablature Blackmore's night
Tablature Blaze
Tablature Blind guardian
Tablature Blindside
Tablature Blindspott
Tablature Blink 182
Tablature Blitzkrieg
Tablature Blood sausage
Tablature Bloodduster
Tablature Bloodhound gang
Tablature Bloody ketchup
Tablature Blue goblins
Tablature Body count
Tablature Bolan marc
Tablature Bolt thrower
Tablature Boreas
Tablature Borknagar
Tablature Boudicca
Tablature Breaking benjamin
Tablature Breakout
Tablature Brings
Tablature Broken hope
Tablature Brotherhood of the sword
Tablature Bryan wickson band the
Tablature Buckcherry
Tablature Budgie
Tablature Buds
Tablature Bulletz and gunz
Tablature Bumblefoot
Tablature Burzum
Tablature Cabezones
Tablature Cacophony
Tablature Cambielli guardian marco
Tablature Candlemass
Tablature Cannibal corpse
Tablature Cannibals
Tablature Carcass
Tablature Cardinal sin
Tablature Carpark north
Tablature Carpathian forest
Tablature Catamenia
Tablature Catch 22
Tablature Cathedral
Tablature Cavelera max
Tablature Chaos opera
Tablature Charon
Tablature Chastain david
Tablature Chateaux
Tablature Cherry poppin daddies
Tablature Chevelle
Tablature Children of bodom
Tablature Children of boredom
Tablature Children of the floyd
Tablature Chimaira
Tablature Christ rotting
Tablature Cinderella
Tablature Coal chamber
Tablature Coenen marcel
Tablature Coil lacuna
Tablature Cold
Tablature Cold blood
Tablature Cold meat
Tablature Collective soul
Tablature Comin' correct
Tablature Control denied
Tablature Corrosion of conformity
Tablature Covenant
Tablature Coverdale & page
Tablature Crack eller
Tablature Cradle of filth
Tablature Crash
Tablature Creed
Tablature Crematory
Tablature Criminal
Tablature Cristal eyes
Tablature Cromok the
Tablature Cruachan
Tablature Crucifire moon
Tablature Cryptopsy
Tablature Cult
Tablature Cynic
Tablature Cypress hill
Tablature Daltarak & dnz
Tablature Damage
Tablature Damned angel
Tablature Danzig
Tablature Darcane
Tablature Dark funeral
Tablature Dark james james david velez
Tablature Darkane
Tablature Dark light
Tablature Dark moor
Tablature Dark tranquillity
Tablature Darkkk
Tablature Darkest hour
Tablature Darklord
Tablature Darkthrone
Tablature Darvaset
Tablature Dead heroes
Tablature Death
Tablature Death ss
Tablature Deathbruise
Tablature Dedlam
Tablature Deep blue something
Tablature Deep purple
Tablature Deepain
Tablature Def leppard
Tablature Deftones
Tablature Deicide
Tablature Dementia
Tablature Demoniac
Tablature Demons & wizards
Tablature Denigrate
Tablature Derinligin zirvesi
Tablature Destruction
Tablature Detonautas
Tablature Devil eyes
Tablature Diablo
Tablature Diamond head
Tablature Diatribe
Tablature Dickinson bruce
Tablature Die apokalyptischen reiter
Tablature Dimension
Tablature Dimension zero
Tablature Dimmu borgir
Tablature Dimmu-borgir
Tablature Dio ronnie james
Tablature Dirty magic
Tablature Dirtyrun
Tablature Discharge
Tablature Dismember
Tablature Dispatch
Tablature Dissection
Tablature Disturbed
Tablature Divinity destroyed
Tablature Dog eat dog
Tablature Dokken
Tablature Dolly
Tablature Domine
Tablature Doriath
Tablature Doorframe
Tablature Dornenreich
Tablature Dot de project
Tablature Down
Tablature Dragon heart
Tablature Dragonflames
Tablature Dragonforce
Tablature Dragonland
Tablature Dragpipe
Tablature Drain sth
Tablature Draven eric
Tablature Dream theater
Tablature Dredg
Tablature Drowning pool
Tablature Drugunov
Tablature Dry cell
Tablature Dry kill logic
Tablature Dying fetus
Tablature Earth crisis
Tablature Ebony tears
Tablature Echobrain
Tablature Edguy
Tablature Edmunds dave
Tablature Ego metalico
Tablature Einherjer
Tablature Elastica
Tablature Electric six
Tablature Eliran kalisky
Tablature Elvenking
Tablature Emperor
Tablature Enforce
Tablature Enhancer
Tablature Enochian paige
Tablature Ensiferum
Tablature Entombed
Tablature Entwine
Tablature Epidemia
Tablature Eros necropsique
Tablature Estatic fear
Tablature Eterna
Tablature Eternal tears of sorrow
Tablature Evanescence
Tablature Evergrey
Tablature Exodus
Tablature Exorcista
Tablature Extol
Tablature Extremoduro
Tablature Extreme
Tablature Factory 81
Tablature Exylius
Tablature Faith no more
Tablature Falconer
Tablature Far
Tablature Farmer boys
Tablature Faster pussycat
Tablature Fated glory
Tablature Fear factory
Tablature Fff
Tablature File
Tablature Filter
Tablature Finch
Tablature Finntroll
Tablature Flap
Tablature Flaw
Tablature Flema
Tablature Fleury laurent
Tablature Flock
Tablature Flotsam and jetsam
Tablature Ford lita
Tablature Freak kitchen
Tablature Freedom call
Tablature Friedman marty
Tablature Fritz klyka
Tablature From autumn to ashes
Tablature Fuel
Tablature Funeral for a friend
Tablature Funkores
Tablature Further exhumation
Tablature Future lost
Tablature F-zero-x
Tablature Gamma ray
Tablature Gang james
Tablature Gates of ishtar
Tablature Gathering
Tablature Gaze
Tablature Ghoulounatics
Tablature Gilbert paul
Tablature Goatlord
Tablature Glassjaw
Tablature God forbid
Tablature Godsmack
Tablature Gorgoroth
Tablature Gorillaz
Tablature Gotthard
Tablature Gov't mule
Tablature Grade 8
Tablature Grave digger
Tablature Graveworm
Tablature Great white
Tablature Green jelly
Tablature Grip inc
Tablature Gronibard
Tablature Groovy aardvark
Tablature Groovy aardvark (eater's digest)
Tablature Guano
Tablature Guano apes
Tablature Guardian angel
Tablature Guerrero negro
Tablature Guns'n roses
Tablature Gwar
Tablature Haggard
Tablature Halford
Tablature Hammerfall
Tablature Handel george fridrick
Tablature Hatebreed
Tablature Haunted
Tablature Hawkwind
Tablature Headhunter
Tablature Heideroosjes
Tablature Hell is for heroes
Tablature Hell maniac
Tablature Hellion hector
Tablature Helloween
Tablature Helmet
Tablature Helstar
Tablature Hemzemin
Tablature Hermetica
Tablature Hey
Tablature Hide
Tablature Hier is leemhuis
Tablature Highlord
Tablature Hoerho
Tablature Hoey gary
Tablature Hole
Tablature Hollow
Tablature Holocaust
Tablature Home grown
Tablature Hoobastank
Tablature Horcas
Tablature Hudson blaine a
Tablature Huey lewis and the news
Tablature Human desorder
Tablature Hybrid theory
Tablature Hypocrisy
Tablature Iced earth
Tablature Iced pets
Tablature Iconic
Tablature Iconoclast
Tablature Idlewild
Tablature Ill nińo
Tablature Illusion
Tablature Imah
Tablature Immortal
Tablature Impaled nazarene
Tablature Impelitterri chris
Tablature In extremo
Tablature In flames
Tablature Incubus
Tablature Infectious grooves
Tablature Infinya
Tablature Jar
Tablature Injected
Tablature Insomnium
Tablature International noise conspiracy
Tablature Intrepid
Tablature Iron butterfly
Tablature Iron fire
Tablature Iron maiden
Tablature Iron savior
Tablature Ivan arnaud garza
Tablature Ivory knight
Tablature Ixuminimummassivum
Tablature Jake e. lee
Tablature Jane's addiction
Tablature Janne da arc
Tablature Jeremy
Tablature Jing
Tablature Journey
Tablature Judas priest
Tablature Jug
Tablature Jungle rot
Tablature Jym
Tablature Kabát
Tablature Kalmah
Tablature Kamelot
Tablature Kansas
Tablature Kashmir
Tablature Kat
Tablature Kataklysm
Tablature Katatonia
Tablature Keneally mike
Tablature Kick axe
Tablature Kickback
Tablature Killers
Tablature Killswitch engage
Tablature King crimson
Tablature King diamond
Tablature Kingdom come
Tablature King's x
Tablature Kiss
Tablature Kittie
Tablature Kix
Tablature Koma
Tablature Korn
Tablature Korsakoff rimsky
Tablature Kosarn
Tablature Kotiteollisuus
Tablature Kreator
Tablature Kro
Tablature Krisiun
Tablature Krokus
Tablature Krux
Tablature Kult
Tablature Labyrinth
Tablature Kursk
Tablature Lacrimosa
Tablature Lacuna coil
Tablature Lafooma
Tablature Lake of tears
Tablature Lamb of god
Tablature Landa daniel
Tablature Las chikas vasilonas
Tablature Last spetsnatz
Tablature Lau andy
Tablature Led zeppelin
Tablature Lee brandon
Tablature Lee roth david
Tablature Legion
Tablature Lemony snicket
Tablature Length of time
Tablature Leningrad
Tablature Lethal fear
Tablature Life of agony
Tablature Lifer
Tablature Limp bizkit
Tablature Linea 77
Tablature Linkin park
Tablature Liquid embrion
Tablature Liquid tension experiment
Tablature Litfiba
Tablature Live
Tablature Living colour
Tablature Loaded
Tablature Local h
Tablature Loch ness
Tablature Lofofora
Tablature Lone rangers
Tablature Lopes romain
Tablature Lordi
Tablature Los asesinos del pentagrama
Tablature Lost
Tablature Lost prophets
Tablature Loudblast
Tablature Loudness
Tablature Love child
Tablature Lucifer's heritage
Tablature Macabre
Tablature Macca jimmy
Tablature Machine head
Tablature Madball
Tablature Magixero
Tablature Majke
Tablature Mal de ojo
Tablature Malignant
Tablature Malmsteen yngwie
Tablature Malon
Tablature Manara
Tablature Maniac butcher
Tablature Manowar
Tablature Marduk
Tablature Marilyn manson
Tablature Marinello giancarlo
Tablature Mars bonfire - steppenwolf
Tablature Mass hysteria
Tablature Massacration
Tablature Master gold
Tablature Matchbox twenty
Tablature Mattias ia eklundh
Tablature Mavi sakal
Tablature Mayhem
Tablature Meataxe
Tablature Megadeth
Tablature Melvins
Tablature Mercyful fate
Tablature Meshuggah
Tablature Metabolic
Tablature Metal argento
Tablature Metal church
Tablature Metalasia the
Tablature Metalhell
Tablature Metalium
Tablature Metallica
Tablature Mezarkabul
Tablature Michael angelo
Tablature Michael schenker group
Tablature Millencolin
Tablature Microwave radiohaus
Tablature Miller matthew
Tablature Ministry
Tablature Misanthrope
Tablature Miserable faith
Tablature Misteria
Tablature Mitic borislav
Tablature Moby dick
Tablature Modest mouse
Tablature Mofu
Tablature Molotov
Tablature Monster magnet
Tablature Moonlight
Tablature Moonsorrow
Tablature Moonspell
Tablature Morbid angel
Tablature More
Tablature Mörk gryning
Tablature Morons company
Tablature Morpheus
Tablature Mortician
Tablature Mortiis
Tablature Motley crue
Tablature Mountain
Tablature Mourning widows
Tablature Mr big
Tablature Mr. bungle
Tablature Mudvayne
Tablature Mullmuzzler
Tablature Murderdolls
Tablature Mushroomhead
Tablature My downfall
Tablature My dying bride
Tablature My ruin
Tablature N.a.y
Tablature Nagaoka neal
Tablature Naglfar
Tablature Nahui ollin
Tablature Nailbed
Tablature Napalm death
Tablature Nargaroth
Tablature Natas
Tablature Nativus
Tablature Navarro facundo
Tablature Nazareth
Tablature Necrophagist
Tablature Nerf herder
Tablature Neurosis
Tablature Nevermore
Tablature Nick
Tablature Nightingale
Tablature Nightwish
Tablature Nile
Tablature Nine inch nails
Tablature Nirnaeth
Tablature No one is innocent
Tablature Nocket fool
Tablature Nocturnal pulse
Tablature Nonpoint
Tablature Norther
Tablature Northern throne
Tablature Nostradameus
Tablature Nugent ted
Tablature Obituary
Tablature Obliveon
Tablature October thorns
Tablature Odin
Tablature Offspring
Tablature Oficina g3
Tablature Old man willow
Tablature Old man's child
Tablature Opera 9
Tablature Opeth
Tablature Orgy
Tablature Os replicantes
Tablature Osbourne ozzy
Tablature Osny
Tablature Otep
Tablature Our lady peace
Tablature Outlaw torn
Tablature Outlaws
Tablature Overkill
Tablature Overload
Tablature Overlord
Tablature Ox
Tablature Oxolater
Tablature Oysterhead
Tablature Ozgur ozan
Tablature Ozric tentacles
Tablature P.o.d
Tablature Page jimmy
Tablature Pageplant
Tablature Pain
Tablature Pantera
Tablature Panther
Tablature Papa roach
Tablature Paparoach
Tablature Paparoacher
Tablature Pathologist
Tablature Paradise lost
Tablature Pearl jam
Tablature Pentagram
Tablature Pestilence
Tablature Pinscorch
Tablature Pitchblend
Tablature Pitchshifter
Tablature Pito perez
Tablature Pleymo
Tablature Poison
Tablature Poison the well
Tablature Portrait
Tablature Powderfinger
Tablature Power quest
Tablature Power symphony
Tablature Powerman 5000
Tablature Pretty maids
Tablature Prewar
Tablature Primal fear
Tablature Primus
Tablature Prohibited
Tablature Project 86
Tablature Prong
Tablature Pro-pain
Tablature Prove out
Tablature Psycho
Tablature Puddle of mudd
Tablature Puff daddy
Tablature Pure depp
Tablature Qbo
Tablature Queensryche
Tablature Quiet riot
Tablature Quo vadis
Tablature Qusmuq peninsula
Tablature R.i.p
Tablature Racer x
Tablature Radical noise
Tablature Rage
Tablature Rage against the machine
Tablature Rage of the dying pigs
Tablature Raging speedhorn
Tablature Raimundos
Tablature Rainbow
Tablature Rammstein
Tablature Ramp
Tablature Rata blanca
Tablature Ratt
Tablature Rebelion
Tablature Regurgitator
Tablature Remy zero
Tablature Resolve
Tablature Reversed burial
Tablature Rhapsody
Tablature Riff
Tablature Ring of fire
Tablature Rize
Tablature Rms
Tablature Rocket from the crypt
Tablature Rockman x
Tablature Rodox
Tablature Rogue male
Tablature Rollins band
Tablature Rondat patrick
Tablature Rosendo
Tablature Roth uli jon
Tablature Ruger
Tablature Running wild
Tablature Rush
Tablature S.o.d
Tablature Saigon kick
Tablature Sakrilegio corrupcion
Tablature Sala prób
Tablature Saliva
Tablature Samael
Tablature Santa tierra
Tablature Saratoga
Tablature Satriani joe
Tablature Satum's pals
Tablature Satyricon
Tablature Savatage
Tablature Saxon
Tablature Scapula
Tablature Schock
Tablature Schroeder joe
Tablature Scorpions
Tablature Second row
Tablature Seether
Tablature Sekte
Tablature Semitones
Tablature Sentenced
Tablature Sepultura
Tablature Serpenthia
Tablature Seven mary three
Tablature Sevendust
Tablature Seventh day sky
Tablature Sex machineguns
Tablature Shadow gallery
Tablature Shadow warriors
Tablature Shadows fall
Tablature Shaman
Tablature Sheehan alam
Tablature Shiells dan
Tablature Shimizu hiroshi
Tablature Siam shade
Tablature Sick of it all
Tablature Silva alejandro
Tablature Simphoniae misteriorum
Tablature Sinergy
Tablature Singltus
Tablature Sins of 0mission
Tablature Sisters of mercy
Tablature Six feet under
Tablature Skid row
Tablature Skyclab
Tablature Skylark
Tablature Slash's snakepit
Tablature Slayer
Tablature Slipknot
Tablature Smak
Tablature Smash
Tablature Snot
Tablature Sodom
Tablature Soilwork
Tablature Soil
Tablature Soldiers of elimination
Tablature Something for kate
Tablature Sonata arctica
Tablature Sonic magnum
Tablature Sons of all pussys
Tablature Sonic youth
Tablature Soufly
Tablature Soundgarden
Tablature Soulfly
Tablature Southern storm
Tablature Sparta
Tablature Spittles
Tablature Sparkling blood
Tablature Sponge
Tablature Square people
Tablature Staind
Tablature Stanislaw
Tablature Stavesacre
Tablature Static-x
Tablature Stabbing westward
Tablature Stereotypical working class
Tablature Stetina troy
Tablature Stone roses
Tablature Stone sour
Tablature Stratovarius
Tablature Stutterfly
Tablature Strike 46
Tablature Sub7even
Tablature Storm
Tablature Strokes
Tablature Such a surge
Tablature Suduce
Tablature Sugar ray
Tablature Suicidal tendencies
Tablature Summertree
Tablature Summoning
Tablature Superjoint ritual
Tablature Sword & shield
Tablature Symbols
Tablature Symphony x
Tablature Syntynyt '87
Tablature System of a down
Tablature Taleban airlines
Tablature Talisman
Tablature Tang chao
Tablature Tapella john
Tablature Taproot
Tablature Tears of no one
Tablature Tchest
Tablature Temple of the dog
Tablature Temex tomex
Tablature Terveet kädet
Tablature Tesla
Tablature Testament
Tablature Testeagles
Tablature The black crowes
Tablature The kovenant
Tablature The teen idles
Tablature The tragically hip
Tablature Theatre of tragedy
Tablature The lord
Tablature Therapy
Tablature Thin lizzy
Tablature Therion
Tablature Thundermare
Tablature Thyrfing
Tablature Thrice
Tablature Tiamat
Tablature Tierra santa
Tablature Timmons andy
Tablature Timo kotipelto
Tablature Timo rautiainen & trio niskalaukaus
Tablature Timo tolkki
Tablature Tnt
Tablature Toadies
Tablature Todos tus muertos
Tablature Tolkki timo
Tablature Tomahawk
Tablature Tool
Tablature Torre fuerte
Tablature Townsend devin
Tablature Tripod
Tablature Tristania
Tablature Triumph
Tablature Trust
Tablature Trustcompany
Tablature Tsa
Tablature Turilli luca
Tablature Twisted coil
Tablature Twisted machine
Tablature Twisted sister
Tablature Tygers of pan tang
Tablature Type o negative
Tablature Tyketto
Tablature Ufo
Tablature Ultima thule
Tablature Ultreia
Tablature Unleashed
Tablature Unloco
Tablature Unmercyful
Tablature Unsane
Tablature Vader
Tablature V8
Tablature Vagodin
Tablature Vai steve
Tablature Valkyrie
Tablature Van halen
Tablature Vanden plas
Tablature Vandenberg
Tablature Vast
Tablature Vedran hrenic
Tablature Venom
Tablature Vertical slip
Tablature Vex red
Tablature Vertical horizon
Tablature Vicious circle
Tablature Vines
Tablature Vintersorg
Tablature Violent femmes
Tablature Viper
Tablature Visdommen
Tablature Vision divine
Tablature Voivod
Tablature Vixen
Tablature Volume!
Tablature Warcry
Tablature Warmen
Tablature Wasp
Tablature Watcha
Tablature Whiplash
Tablature White lion
Tablature White zombie
Tablature Whitesnake
Tablature Whoyeah
Tablature Why not
Tablature Wildhearts
Tablature Wilki
Tablature Windfall
Tablature Winter edgar
Tablature Witchfinder general
Tablature Withered beauty
Tablature Within temptation
Tablature Wizard
Tablature Wolfgang
Tablature X japan
Tablature Xenon
Tablature Yoon do
Tablature Zdob si zdub
Tablature Young neil
Tablature Zakk wylde & black label society
Tablature Zombie
Tablature Zombie guts
Tablature Zombie rob
Tablature Z-row
Tablature Zyklon


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